About John Eckert

AutoImpact was founded in 2005 by John Eckert, who comes with over 25 years of experience in the dealership at all levels. The unique approach of AutoImpact training reflects the depth of this experience. Each dealership is respected for the way it accomplishes its goals; AutoImpact turns that style into a disciplined process.

All departments are integrated toward the same goal of serving customers who buy. All personnel are motivated to know how bringing performance, expertise and passion to their roles makes everyone more successful, prepares them for advancement, and keeps the customers happy and loyal.

For 20 years as General Manager, Chief Operating Officer, and Owner of multi-franchise dealerships, I hired dozens of training companies with varied results. Auto Impact is the culmination of my experience with what I know will work to bring bottom-line results, but also true passion for performance by everyone in the dealership.”  -John Eckert



AutoImpact Training provides income development tools and coaching to transform your dealership through classroom training, web training, and coaching.


– Vision –

AutoImpact Training develops your leaders by providing multiple training and coaching opportunities to maximize your income development, as well as take the lead over the competition, and drive your business to the next level.



We train leaders to develop a winning mindset, implement disciplined and effective processes, increase revenue, and create lifetime clients.

– TestimonialS –

Establishing trust and encouraging your potential

“John did a great job! And I think his steps area customer way to sell back end without fighting the customer and raising your stores CSI. Amazing program from top to bottom.”

– Chad H –

“This was the most eye opening training class I have ever been to. I would recommend it to anybody who has a willingness to learn. Best experience ever!!!”

– Shawn –

This course is great for everyone with all kinds of experience. It is inclusive so that everyone can learn from one another no matter if you are a novice or expert.

– Jon K. –