F&I Training

F&I managers and team members play a huge role in your dealership’s profit.

But that’s only if they have the right skills to do so.

If your employees are inexperienced or undertrained, they’ll end up leaving money on the table and your customers will go without the added protection they may need.

When that happens, you can almost guarantee you’ll eventually hear about it from the customer or your service department later.

To avoid missed opportunities, it pays to keep your F&I managers and team members up-to-date with the latest processes and initiatives.

One way to do that is to enroll them in F&I training and continuing education.

The Top Benefits Of Our F&I Training

Our course teaches F&I students how to:

  • Execute the entire F&I process as a whole
  • Identify the customer’s areas of risk and present a program to eliminate them
  • Discover just how impactful their role is for increasing profit at your dealership
  • Comprehend legal terms and stay within regulations
  • Master the ins and outs of credit reporting, down payments, and loan structures
  • Process paperwork, legal documents, and the loan contract

With our small class sizes, we’re able to give your team the focus and attention they need so students learn all these topics at their own pace.

Who is This F&I Training Course Right For?

Candidates with little or no experience can learn the F&I role but only if they’ve been properly educated first.

Fortunately, our F&I training course was designed with both new students and seasoned F&I veterans in mind.

Our course material covers the basics and gives students with more experience a chance to brush up on what they may already know, learn new skills, and understand how current regulations have changed.

We’ve also designed the course to be thorough enough to span the entire car buying process, so students have a well-rounded grasp on all aspects — not just certain points.

Car Dealership F&I Training Course Structure

Here’s a sneak peek at the car dealership F&I training course layout:

  • The Functions of F&I
  • FTC Regulations and Federal Laws
  • F&I Terminology
  • The Deal Structure
  • F&I Priorities
  • Customer Interview Process
  • F&I Electronic or Paper Menu Presentations
  • In-depth Product Knowledge
  • Understanding F&I Technology
  • Overcoming Customer Concerns

Find Out How Our Training Can Help Your F&I Team Sell More Today

If you’re ready to sign up your team for our next F&I training session, visit this page to see available dates and pricing now.

And if you’d like more information about how our course can help your team, click the following links to learn more about our strategy and vision.


F&I Training School

March 14-17, 2022
June 13-16, 2022
September 12-15, 2022

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One of the best ways to see if your sales team will benefit from taking the F&I course is to hear what our former students have to say about it.

Check out these testimonials for yourself:

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned to much not only about F&I, but a lot of aspects of car dealerships. Would highly recommend!

-C. Cooley-

For a sales person who will be new going into F&I, John’s class far surpassed my expectations. The word tracks, steps to the sale, and how to handle objections has helped me improve my overall sales process and confidence.

V. Edwards

Coming from being a Finance Manager for a short time before this class, I had a lot of questions that John answered for me without having to ask. I am not a lot more confident in the process and compliance of the F&I department.

A. Hawthorne

Don’t let one of your biggest profit centers go to waste.

By giving new team members a proper foundation — and helping your seasoned employees continue their education — you’ll create a team with a deep understanding of the F&I process.

And they’ll be able to help customers find the products right for them every time.

All this will help your team increase their insurance and after-market product sales, which ultimately generates more revenue and profit for your dealership.

To sign up for our next F&I training session, visit this page or call our team direct at (214) 770-1850 today!