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In the fast-changing world of auto sales, Sales Consultants must be able to engage the customer quickly, whether by email, phone or in person, creating an initial contact that is not only welcoming, but foundational. The customer experience must be easy, efficient, and timely or they will simply lose interest and move along. Our sales training will develop your experienced and non-experienced Sales Consultants. We focus on the high payoff areas leading to excellent sales and profit achievement.

Our sales training can help. Here’s how:

The Top Benefits of our Sales Training

Our sales training course teaches students how to:

  • Master the phones
  • Increase appointment ratios
  • Set appointments that show up
  • Increase connection rates with internet customers
  • Utilize the CRM to its fullest potential
  • Enhance the customer’s buying experience
  • Increase vehicle sales and gross profits
  • Increase their closing ratios
  • Gain self confidence in overcoming customer concerns
  • Replace old school terminology and tactics that may turn a buyer off with a modern, non-confrontational selling approach

We also show students how to establish rapport leading to a trusting advisory relationship. Many dealership sales training programs often overlook this critical point.

And, thanks to our small class sizes, we’re able to give your team more attention and time to practice these techniques while ensuring they will be able to learn at their own pace.

All of this creates lasting results for your dealership.

We also develop your team from the inside out to help them:

  • Develop a career path
  • Create a winning mindset by developing goals and visualizing success
  • Learn how to develop discipline in time management and showroom leadership
  • Use effective processes to master the selling process, increase revenue, and create lifetime clients

And we’ll do all this using a modern, friendly, customer-centric approach.

Both new salespeople and seasoned veterans will gain tremendous value from taking this course, as you’ll see next.

Who is This Sales Training Course Right For?

Experienced and non-experienced sales people alike will gain from this course by incorporating the latest automotive sales techniques.

New team members will learn how to boost confidence in their selling abilities and how to work through customer concerns.

The course will lay the proper foundation for new salespeople and teach them a systematic approach to selling without you having to spend time doing so.

Veteran sales members who have been with you for several years or decades can get up to speed on modern selling approaches and current ethical standards in the industry.

We’ll also show them how to leverage their existing skills with newer processes to make them unstoppable.

Here’s what else your team will learn:

Sneak Peak Of Our Sales Training Course Structure

  • How to Improve the Automobile Buying Experience for Customers
  • Legal Compliance Training and Updated Code of Ethics
  • Understanding Financing and the Deal Structure as it Relates to Vehicle Selection
  • How to Create an Impactful First Impression
  • The 8 Points Leading to Sales Success
  • The Exact Roadmap to Closing a Sale
  • Overcoming Customer Concerns
  • Endorsing the F&I Department

Find Out How Our Training Can Help Your Team Sell More Today

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F&I Training School

March 14-17, 2022
June 13-16, 2022
September 12-15, 2022

Sales Training

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Don’t take our word for it.
Check out what our former students have to say:

The best part about the class was not just the information but the way it is presented and taught. Very organized and engaging.

-T. Bussiere-

Very engaging! Showed great examples of sales methods to make sure the whole class understood the training.

-A. Spence-

Thank you very much! You have a great way of expressing yourself and teaching your material in a fun and interesting way!

-C. Hopson-


So, if you’ve been trying to figure out how to help your sales team sell more vehicles, without sacrificing customer service to do so, look no further.

Our course is here to help your team crush monthly sales targets by developing the right mindset, using a disciplined approach, and providing exceptional customer service.

To sign up for our next training session, visit this page or call our team direct at (214) 770-1850 today!