Service School


  • Scheduling/Appointment systems
  • Menu selling/Walkarounds
  • Progress checking/Upsell
  • Effective communication/Retention
  • Maximizing the 3 Revenue Streams

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The AutoImpact Service School is a complete, modern road to the sale process for today’s service advisors. Your advisors will acquire the structure and processes needed to excel in today’s fast paced service environment. We focus on delivering your goals for retention, dollars per R.O., and gross profit while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

There are three primary components to the training curriculum:


The content is derived from assimilating over 15 years of best practices by some of the most respected service managers and highest achieving service advisors in the nation. Our 7 step flow provides the framework to ensure we take care of your customer’s needs. We utilize the appointment system as well as modern dispatching techniques to deliver some of the industry’s best numbers.


The information is organized and formatted in a sequential flow that communicates the need for our high quality preventative maintenance programs and services.

Training Methods

The training methods used in the AutoImpact Service School, promote learning and retention. Spaced repetition of the information is presented, followed by questions that encourage discussion and promote greater exploration. We present the concepts using a variety of learning strategies to ensure that trainees with different learning styles canassimilate the knowledge.service


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